Enshu-style Tea Ceremony Experience at the Jomyoan Tearoom


A tearoom nestled in the woodland area of Kita no Arashiyama.
Enshu Kobori was a feudal lord during the Edo period but also a great tea ceremony master, and was the originator of the Enshu-style tea ceremony.
“Consistent state of mind from start to finish” is the Enshu school’s motto, based on the concept of coupling faithfulness to one’s principles with the capability of seeing things from different standpoints, so as to enhance one’s creativity and inventiveness.
During the Tea Ceremony you can enjoy a selection of teas (Bansenji, Mukaetsuke, Usuchatemae) and the delicious “Mizugashi” jelly sweets while looking out over the gardens, which are surrounded by wild grass.
For further information, please contact the venue.

Opening Hours: Every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm


Asahioka 3-chome 5-1, Asahikawa
Required Time
20 - 50 Min.
Getting There
Asahikawa Denkikido Bus No. 3 or 33, get off at Asahioka 3-chome
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