Kamui Kotan
Kamui Kotan is like an entranceway to Asahikawa to those traveling from Sapporo. Kamui Kotan means “village of God” in the Ainu language, and the area is famous for it’s dramatic scenery and huge rocks that line the Ishikari river rapids for over 10km.

Address: Kamuikotan, Kamui-cho, Asahikawa
Vast nature park named after Arashiyama in Kyoto. Amazing views of Asahikawa city and the Mt. Taisetsu mountain range from the observatory.

Address: Arashiyama, Takasu-cho
Views of Nishikagura
Nishikagura is the picturesque area between Asahikawa and Biei. The views of Mt. Taisetsu and Nishikagura change along with every season, so no two trips to this area seem the same!

Address: Nishikagura, Asahikawa
Etanbetsu Buckwheat Field
Just 30 minutes drive from the center of Asahikawa takes to you the forest area that surrounds Etanbetsu. The area is famous for Buckwheat, which is used in making soba noodles. The fields are an amazing sea of white when the buckwheat is in full bloom.

Address: Etanbetsu town, Asahikawa

Galaxy and Meteor Waterfalls
These two waterfalls are famous in Japan, and have been ranked in the top 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. Both waterfalls can be seen tumbling down from high Sounkyo cliffs, and they attract thousands of visitors every year.

Address: Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho
Tel: 01658-2-1211
Asahigaoka Agriculture Park
The contrasting views of cattle grazing on pasture at the foot of Mt. Taisetsu makes this area a “picture postcard” image of Hokkaido. A beautiful area of contrasts.

Address: Kikusui, Kamikawa-cho
Tel: 01658-2-1211
Taisetsu observatory
One of the best places from which to view the Mt. Taisetsu mountain range.

Address: Koshiji, Kamikawa-cho
Tel: 01658-2-1211
Ukishima Pass Marsh
There is a large expanse of marshland near the Ukushima mountain pass, where many rare varieties of alpine plants bloom in summer.

Address: Kamikoshi, Kamikawa-cho
Tel: 01658-2-1211
Kiyokawa Skunk Cabbage Garden
The cabbage gardens can be seen from route 39, and are most beautiful in early May when the white flowers are in full bloom.

Address: Kiyokawa, Kamikawa-cho
Tel: 01658-2-1211

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