Asahikawa has many sculptures dotted around town. They can be seen in the shopping park, parks, and bridges all over town.

Address: Various places throughout Asahikawa
Asahikawa has many sculptures dotted around town. They can be seen in the shopping park, parks, and bridges all over town.

address/bridge, park, air port etc.
Yasushi Inoue Literary Monument
This monument is dedicated to Yasushi Inoue, a famous writer from Asahikawa who was awarded the Akutagawa prize. A poem is inscribed into the monument in an exact copy of his handwriting.

Address: Midori Bashi Dori 4 Jo 8 Chome, Asahikawa
Yukie Chiri Literary Monument
This literary monument is dedicated to Yukie Chiri, who published an epic work of Ainu poetry entitled “Ainu Shinyou Collection”. Her monument stands in the entrance to Hokumon Junior High school, and has important teachings of the Ainu people inscribed.

Address: Hokumon Junior High School, Nishimachi 15 Chome, Asahikawa
Santoka Taneda Haiku monument
This monument is dedicated to the works of Haiku poet Santoka Taneda. It is said that he composed more than 84,000 haiku poems in his lifetime. His monument was established in the Yukara Textile art center in 1990.

Address: Yukara Textile art center, Minamigaoka 3 Chome, Asahikawa
Hideo Oguma Poetry Monument
This monument is dedicated to Hideo Oguma, a poet famous for his sharp satirical wit and humor. The same year that this monument was built, the Hideo Oguma Poet of the Year prize was also created.

Address: Tokiwa Park
Dairiki Konno Poetry Monument
Dairiki Konno was born in Asahikawa, and became a well-known poet throughout his life. This monument was built after his death in 1985, and is the 50th memorial monument to him in Japan.

Address: Tokiwa Park
Planned Kamikawa Palace
The plan to build a palace in Kamikawa failed due to opposition from various people, but the planned site still remains today. Documents and artifacts from that time can still be seen in Kamikawa Shrine.

Address: Kamikawa Shrine, Kaguraoka Park, Asahikawa
Hokkaido’s Birthplace of Skiing Monument
This monument depicts the origins of skiing in Hokkaido, which was introduced by Lieutenant Colonel Lelhi from Austria.

Address: Shunkoudai Park, Asahikawa
Old Nagayama Kocho Public Office
This building was originally the main government building in Nagayama during the Meiji era. Nowadays, the building is used as the Nagayama Citizen Exchange Center.

Address: Nagayama 3 Jo 19 Chome, Asahikawa
Kamikawa Agricultural Station Office Building
The Hokkaido agency built these offices during the Meiji era, and they are now thought to be the oldest buildings in the Kamikawa district.

Address: Kamui 1 Jo 1 Chome, Asahikawa

Souji Momota Poetry Monument
This monument is dedicated to the poetry of Souji Momota. Every 2nd Sunday in October, there is a festival to commemorate the life and works of this famous poet.

Address: Aizan, Aibetsu-cho,
Tel: 01658-7-2115

Zenzou Kasai monument of "Yukionna"
Zenzo Kasai, the great preivate-life-novel writer of Taisho, he was doing felling work in the heart of the mountains near the Meotodaki kouen park in winter of Meiji 37, and he wrote the novel "Yukionna" based on his fantasy that he had seen at the time. The monument was built for the Zenzo birth 100 years.

Address: at meotodaki kouen park, shinjo cho, Ashibetsu
Tel: 0124-24−2121 Hyakunen-kinen-kan

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