Flower Name Flowering Time Comment
Adonis Biei Town
Late Apr.~Mid May.
“Mansaku” flowers are used for decoration in new year celebrations, and “Fukujuso” flowers are said to bring good luck.
Dog Tooth Violet Biei Town
Late Apr.~Mid May.
This mountain flower starts to bud in early spring, and has distinctive green and purple spots.
Dog Tooth Violet Higashikawa Town
Late Apr.~Mid May.
Thousands of Dogtooth violets bloom in the Kotoushi Forst park every year.
Dog Tooth Violet Pippu Town
Early May
Dogtooth violets grow in groups near Mt. Totsusho at the border to Asahikawa, and next to the Hokurei sky road.
Magnolia Biei Town
Late Apr.~Mid May.
Large leaf underneath the flower is egg shaped and feels like paper when touched.
Skunk Cabbage Biei Town
Early~Mid May.
The flowers of this plant are more like leaves than flowers. The flower section is column shaped and stands in the center of the plant.
Wild Cherry Blossoms Biei Town
Early~Mid May.
This flower is typically seen in the springtime. Red leaves also appear when the flower is blooming, making the entire plant look red.
Shibazakura Biei Town
Mid May.~ Early June
This is a creeping plant that has short leaves and red, white, and light blue coloured flowers.
Shibazakura Higashikawa Town
Early~Late May.
The Shibazakura blooms are famous as they completely change the colouur of the ski slopes in Kitoushi Forest Park.
Cherry blossoms
(Town Tree)
Aibetsu Town A very well known tree in Japan, many were planted in Asahikawa, and it was adopted as the town tree.
Cherry blossoms Ashibetsu City
late Apl. - mid May.
The Asahigaoka kouen park is a small zoo in which has Japanese monkey, rabbit, guinea pig, pony, etc., popular as the place of relaxation for citizen. In the season of roadside cherry blossom viewing, there are full with family.
Ezo-engosaku(Corydalis ambigua Cham. et Schltdl.) Ashibetsu City
late Apl. - mid May.
The lovely flower of light purple which blooms in the Asahigaoka kouen park. You can see it with the same time of a cherry blossom viewing.

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