Asahikawa Furniture Center
Asahikawa has become famous throughout the country for its unique, high quality hand-made furniture. The newest and most popular products are always on display here.

Address: Nagayama 2 Jo 10 Chome, Asahikawa
Tel: 0166-48-4135
Craft Center
A wide variety of pieces made by different craft artists are on display. There is a craft shop and a cafe inside the center.

Address: Toyooka 13 Jo 5 Chome, Asahikawa
Tel: 0166-35-5600
Kitano Arashiyama
The ceramics village can be found on the way to Arashiyama park from the center of the city. The village includes a pottery, dyeing studio, and glazing studio, and visitors can also join beginners’ classes in making ceramics.

Address: Asahigaoka 1~2 Chome, Asahikawa

General Store on the Hill “Gu”
“Gu” sells a wide range of original and interesting products, from cotton products like stuffed animals, clothing for pets, hip pouches and book covers, to lavender products from Biei and woodcrafts.

Address: No 2 Rubeshibe, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-68-6425
Studio Mokusha
Studio Mokusha is a converted warehouse that can be found near Bibaushi station. The ground floor is a studio, where woodcrafts and landscape pictures are made, and the first floor is a small art gallery and living space.

Address: Shigaichi Bibaushi, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-95-2100
Haruo Kikuchi Photo Gallery
There is an impressive collection of pictures taken of Biei, and a gift shop selling post cards, posters, t-shirts and mugs, as well as a wide range of photographic goods.

Address: Shigaichi Bibaushi, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-95-2066
Rustic Kihika
Many handmade wooden products ranging from small ornaments to furniture are on display and for sale here. Kihika is famous for the “Hill of Trees”, which is a unique product created by weaving several different kinds of wood together to create the hills of Biei.

Address: Midori, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-92-0761
Urushi Lacquer Center Kunsuto house
Various types of original lacquer ware are on display and sale, from artistic masterpieces to items for daily use. It is possible to take a tour of the studio if you book in advance. The gallery is also a cafe, where you can relax and appreciate the artwork over a cup of coffee.

Address: Ikoigaoka 6-16, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-92-0770
Stained Glass "Giovanni"
Large variety of lamps and panels on display and for sale.

Address: Motomachi 1 Chome, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-92-1304
Biei Taikyuan
The owner of Taikyuan re-acquires Japanese swords and antiques that have been sold overseas, and has also opened an internet curio shop.

Address: Ikoigaoka 6-13, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-92-2005
This store sells interesting folk-art such as “Roman Dolls”, which are handmade dolls made from corn skin. The store also sells a wide variety of pot-pourri and wreaths.

Address: Shinkukaku, Biei-cho
Tel: 0166-92-4150

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