JR Asahikawa station
Asahikawa is located near the center of Hokkaido, and acts as a hub for the Hokkaido rail system. From Asahikawa station you can easily get to Sapporo along the Hakodate line; Wakkanai along the Soya line; Abashiri along the Sekihoku line; and Biei and Furano along the Furano line.

Address: Miyashita street 7 Chome
Tel: 0166-22-1441
ASH (Atrium)
Situated close to Asahikawa station in the main Kaimono Koen Shopping park, the ASH atrium is easy to find and a great place to meet up with friends! Events regularly take place inside or outside the ASH building.

Address: 2 Jo 7 Chome
Asahi Bashi Bridge
This is one of the symbols of Asahikawa, the “City of Rivers”. While in Asahikawa, we recommend taking a walk by the river at sunset to take in the magnificent views of Asahi Bashi as the sun sets in the distance.

Address: Tokiwa Dori 3 Chome ~ Motomachi 1 Chome
This delightful brick warehouse was built 100 years ago, and has been converted into a beer hall, design galleries, and rehearsal hall for various cultural events.

Address: Miyashita Dori 11 Chome
Tel: 0166-22-2487
Asahikawa Art Museum
This graceful museum is located in Tokiwa park, and has a wide range of interesting displays, including woodcrafts or the work of North Hokkaido artists.

Address: Tokiwa Park, Asahikawa
Tel: 0166-25-2577
Fun River Center
Both adults and children can have lots of fun learning about the kinds of animals, plants, and fish that live in Hokkaido’s rivers in this modern interactive learning center.

Address: Tokiwa Park
Tel: 0166-24-8430
Asahikawa Youth Science Museum
The planetarium of 18m in diameter of the dome besides a permanent exhibition that divides into three corners of "Northern provinces", "Earth", and "Space" can be experienced.

Address: Tokiwa Park
Asahikawa Central Library
The main library is located next to Tokiwa park, and has a huge range of books and other materials for public use. Despite the large number of people that use the library every day, it has a very quiet, relaxing atmosphere where you can sit and read your favourite books with views of Tokiwa park right outside the window!

Address: Tokiwa Park
Tel: 0166-22-4174
Asahikawa Civic Cultural Hall
This is the large building located next to Asahikawa’s city hall. It has both large and small conference rooms, as well as a large hall that is regularly used for concerts, plays and speeches.

Address: 7 Jo 9 Chome
Tel: 0166-25-7331
Nakahara Teijiro Memorial Sculpture Museum
This museum is preserved as a national cultural building, and displays the works of Asahikawa born artist Teijiro Nakahara, as well as works of other famous artists.

Address: Syunkou 5 Jo 7 Chome
Tel: 0166-52-0033
Kanda Museum
This private museum is located on a hilltop and surrounded by trees in Takasagodai. It is owned by oil painter Kazuaki Kanda and his wife Hiroko Kanda who is a sculptor. Both Hiroko and Kazuaki have gained nationwide recognition for their works.

Address: Takasagodai 5 Chome 6 Banchi, Asahikawa
Tel: 0166-61-6976

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