Sculptures dotted around the center part of town
There are many open-air sculptures everywhere of town, so that Asahikawa is called " a sculptural town". The works of the engraver associated with Asahikawa welcome warmly to people and makes a town bright around the Peace Shopping Street, or each public facility and Tokiwa park. The fine-art appreciation with a walk is also pleasant.

Main open-air sculptures place in center of city
Peace Shopping Street park
1~7 jyo Asahikawa
Asahikawa Cooperative Bank
8-chome, 4-jyo, Asahikawa
Tokiwa Citizen Hall
4-chome, 5-Jyo, Asahikawa
Asahikawa Civic Hall
9-chome, 7-jyo, Asahikawa
New Hokkai Hotel
6-chome, 5-Jyo, Asahikawa
Tokiwa Park

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