Golf Course
Only Hokkaido has such a special appeals that playing golf in an endlessly spreaded blue sky, clear air and magnificent location. You can enjoy the undulating golf course and make good use of the nature around the city. The charge is also reasonable, playing golf in relaxing atmosphere can be enjoyed.

address Asahikawa city and Suburbs
tel 0166-52-1934

Main Golf Course in the city
Asahikawa Golf Club
Asahikawa Memorial Country Club
JAS Asahikawa Country Club
Kagurayama Golf Garden
Main Golf Course in Suburbs
Asahikawa International Country Club
Zenis Country Club
Great Asahikawa Country Club
St. Asahikawa Golf Club
Shirogane Golf Club
Mt. Taisetsu Country Club
Court Asahikawa Country Club
Kami Furano Golf Club
Furano Golf Course
Olica Golf Club
Sorachigawa Lavender Forest Golf Course

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