JR Asahikawa Station
Asahikawa JR is located middle of Asahikawa, is a railway focal point to several places in Hokkaido. Asahikwa, located near the middle of Hokkaido, many rail ways are gathering and used by many people as a railway connection point since long ago,
from Asahikawa one can connect to Sapporo, to middle and to south of Hokkaido along the Hakodate line, to Wakkanai along the Soya line, to Kitami and east of Hokkaido along the Sekihoku line, and to Biei, Furano along the Furano line.
As a gate into Asahikawa, like the Asahikawa air port, a lot of tourists visit here as a starting point Asahikawa and suburbs every year.
JR Asahikawa Station is also a starting point on the Peace street shopping park where permanent pedestrian precinct is the first in Japan.
address 7-chome, Miyashita st., Asahikawa.
tel 0166-22-1441

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