Ginza Shopping Street Nakamise Dori
This area is nicknamed the “kitchen of Asahikawa”, and is always crowded with people doing their shopping in the local stores and market.

Address: 1~4 Jo, 14~15 Chome, Asahikawa
San-roku (literally three-six) is the central part of the city, and is the hotspot of Asahikawa nightlife. There are over 1,300 different bars, clubs, restaurants, karaoke bars, and cafes.

Address: Around 3 Jo 6 Chome, Asahikawa
Hokkaido Traditional Art Craft Village
This world-class group of museums and galleries are situated just outside Asahikawa city. The view of the town from outside the buildings is as beautiful as the buildings themselves! The village comprises of the Yukara textile art center, the international Dyeing museum and the Snow museum. The unique items on display in village cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Hokkaido!

Address: Minamigaoka 3 Chome, Asahikawa
Tel: 0166-62-8811
Asahikawa City Museum (Asahikawa City Taisetsu Crystal Hall)
The museum is part of the Crystal hall complex, and contains interesting displays about nature in the Taisetsu region and the history of Asahikawa.

Address: Kagura 3 Jo 7 Chome
Tel: 0166-69-2004
Asahikawa City Asahiyama Zoo
Zoo in the Japanese north that opened in 1967. The exhibition method (action exhibition) by which ecology animal original can be observed more naturally by a near appearance wins popularity, and attention is attracted from nationwide various places.

Address: Kuranuma, Higashi Asahikawa-cho
Tel: 0166-36-1104
Asahikawa Ramen Village
Located very close to JR Nagayama station, the ramen village hosts 8 of Asahikawa’s finest ramen shops. The village is open all year round, and ramen products are available from the souvenir shop within the building complex.

Address: Powers shopping area, Nagayama 11 Jo 4 Chome
Tel: 0166-48-2153
Santa Present Park
This “World of Santa Claus” has an amusement area for children and popular ski ground during the wintertime. There is also an observatory tower from which Asahikawa city and the Mt. Taisetsu mountain range can be seen.

Address: Kamui-cho, Tomioka 2 555 Banchi
Tel: 0166-63-3232
Kamui Park Grove
This park is very popular with families during the summertime, as there are both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, along with a large space for camping and barbequing.

Address: Kamui-cho, Tomisawa
Tel: 0166-63-4045
Stalhin Stadium
Asahikawa’s only stadium is named after the famous baseball pitcher “Stalhin”. The baseball stadium has many professional and amateur baseball games and other events during the summertime, and in the wintertime the grounds are converted to a children’s skiing field.

Address: Hanasaki-cho, 2~3 Chome
Tel: 0166-51-7591
Hanasaki Sports Park
The sports park has a wide range of sports facilities, including the Stalhin baseball stadium, running track, tennis and basketball courts, an archery field, and an outdoor Olympic size swimming pool.

Address: Hanasaki-cho, 1~5 Chome
Tel: 0166-52-1934
Clark Horse Stables
Located near Asahiyama zoo, you can try your hand at western style horse riding. Horse trekking courses are available and are very popular with beginners who want to try horse riding for the first time.

Address: Sakuraoka 160-4, Higashi Asahikawa-cho
Tel: 0166-36-5963

Ski Areas
Hokkaido is a snow lover’s paradise. There are many different ski areas in Asahikawa, 5 within the city limits and another 9 in the surrounding areas. Each ski slope has it’s own unique set of courses, but they all share the same high quality powder snow.

Address: Various locations in and around the city
Golf Courses
Asahikawa is a dream location for golf fans, as it has a wide variety of magnificent mountain courses just a short drive away from the city.

Address: Various locations in and around the city
There are a large number of campsites dotted in and around the city and surrounding areas. You can choose from locations near to rivers, forests, or mountains.

Address: Various locations in and around the district.

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