Main Details
Opening Ceremony, Joint Performance/ Riverline Asahikawa Park
Parade/ Riverline Asahikawa Park - Rotary
-8 Jo street - Eiryuu Bashi street - Miyashita dori street (approximately 3 hours)
Brass bands, fife and drum bands, marching bands, and many other types of band
from schools, businesses, the local self-defence force and local fire-service all take part in the event. The splendour of the occasion
is completed by the lively displays of baton twirling by teams of Majorettes.

This traditional event represents Asahikawa as the "City of Music". The parade marches through the main streets of the city
in a vibrant display of bright colours, unique performances and colourful costumes.
Every year approximately 2500 people take part in the event, among those performing are children from local nursery schools and kindergartens. The parade route is always lined with huge numbers of spectators every year,
and draws almost as many spectators as the summer fireworks festivals do. The first event was held in 1929, and started when the president of the Asahikawa bureau of the Hokkai Times newspaper
read an article about a military band march in Tokyo's Ginza district, and suggested the idea of a similar event in Asahikawa
to his acquaintances in music stores around the city. The military colours disappeared from the parade along with the end of World War II, and it has now become an invaluable part of life to Asahikawa residents.

Main Sponsors/ Hokkaido Great Music Parade Executive Committee
(Asahikawa City, Asahikawa City Board of Education, Asahikawa District Wind-Instrument Federation, Asahikawa District Elementary Schools School band Federation, Hokkaido Shinbun newspaper Asahikawa Branch Office)
TEL/ 0166 25 7168 (Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Tourism Division)

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