Asahiyama Zoo Notices concerning event schedules or the opening period are posted here.
Asahikawa Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Civic Hall) Notices concerning events taking place in each of the halls and exhibition rooms are posted here.
Asahikawa Kominkan (Community Center) Introduces the various activities of the groups and circles that use the community center.
Taisetsu Crystal Hall Notices concerning seminars, concerts and other such events that take place in the meeting rooms and concert hall are posted here.
Asahikawa Convention Bureau Information about events taking place in Asahikawa and the surrounding area is posted here.
Kamui Mintaland Year round event information for the Kamikawa district is posted here.
Asahikawa Art Gallery Year round event information, annual exhibition information and descriptions of the exhibits are posted here.
Asahikawa Youth Science Museum Introduction of various classes being held, event notices, and planetarium information are posted here.
Asahikawa Library Information on events including exhibitions and book reading meetings are posted here.
Asahikawa International Vasa Ski Competition Detailed information about the date, place, etc. is posted here.
Asahikawa Parks Nature experience study event information, and notices concerning various courses are posted here.

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