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Asahikawa Winter Festival Snowball Fight Competition
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Asahikawa Winter Festival
The spectacular Asahikawa Winter Festival is held every year on huge site, 9 times larger than the Tokyo Dome.
The main centerpiece of the festival is the magnificent giant snow sculpture, acknowledged by Guinness as being the largest snow sculpture in the world.
The snow sculpture is made only from pure snow, with no framework or support structure of any kind.
It is as high as an 8-storey building, and the amount of snow needed to make it would fill
approximately 5,000 eleven tonne dump trucks!
There are many different events held throughout the festival, and the festival has a real "amusement park in the snow" atmosphere. There is so much to see and do
for families and tourists alike, and children of all ages just love sliding down the jumbo-sized ice slide!
Main Sponsor/ Asahikawa Winter Festival Executive Committee
TEL/0166 25 7168 (Commerce, Industry and Tourism Department, Tourism Division)

World Ice-Sculpture Competition
Asahikawa is fast gaining a reputation throughout the world as a Mecca for ice sculpting. Teams from many different countries take part,
and over 100 of the world's finest ice artists gather here to compete to be number 1 in this world class sculpture competition. The evening illuminations
create an entirely different look to the sculptures, and are a breathtaking blend of light and ice that simply should not be missed.
Main Sponsor/ World Ice-Sculpture Competition Executive Committee
TEL/0166 22 2522
Place/ Heiwa dori Kaimono Koen shopping park
Asahikawa Snow Lights
Snow lights are a special form of light art made from the skillful layering of snow, ice, and frost from living trees, which creates a real-life winter wonderland at the festival site after dark.
The stunning sight of the illuminations and art glittering in 7 different colours
will make you forget all about the cold in an instant! Asahikawa snow lights are not only seen at the festival locations,
but are made and displayed by communities and families all over the city.
Main Sponsor/ Asahikawa Snow Lights Executive Committee
TEL/0166 98 1161
Place/ Tokiwa Park

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